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NVCC is boutique cycling club celebrating road cycling, the journey travelled, your freedom, your escape, your passion, and your - ‘Whitespace’. Initially formed on the roads of Girona, the Neon Velo project has grown from a small group of like-minded racers to an elite level cycling project focused on perfection. Our passion, like many riders, has always been about bikes and the coming together of like minded people that share a relentless desire to explore new roads, make new friends and enjoy our freedom.

We offer a globalised club of dynamic of like-minded individuals that share the same ‘Whitespace’ philosophy of our international riding and racing heritage… A philosophy that is simply to, enjoy the ride, reconnect with your inner self and escape life’s stresses.




Do I need to ride with a helmet when riding with NVCC groups?

Without a doubt; Yes, helmets are mandatory on all NVCC rides. Helmets save lives and we do not want to see you placing your own life a risk on our rides.


Do I have to be a member to join a NVCC ride?

No, membership is not mandatory. However, NVCC is registered with British Cycling and our membership does allow you to race as a NVCC club member. All club member receive exclusive offers, information about international rides, warm weather escapes, product discounts and the occasional coffee meeting.


Do I need to wear NVCC clothing if I’m race competitively?

If you intend to race in competitive events you will be expected to race in the official NVCC Jersey.


Do I need to NVCC kit or clothing to join the rides?

You are free to wear any suitable cycle apparel for group rides as long as it is safe, practical, close fitting and comfortable.


What should I bring on a ride?

All riders need to be self-sufficient for the entirety of the ride. That means bringing water, energy bars and spare tubes, pumps and well-maintained bike. Some rides will be supported by a service car. If it is, we will let you know when registering for the ride.


I don’t have an NVCC group near me?

This isn’t issue NVCC is expanding rapidly and members are spread throughout the world. However, you can still enjoy our unique rider networking group and communicate with other member through our STRAVA based NVCC challenges.