NVPA®/Workear "Season____2022"

  • OVER®/Socks™ White
  • OVER®/Socks™ White
  • OVER®/Socks™ White
  • OVER®/Socks™ White

OVER®/Socks™ White

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The WORKWEAR™ oversocks are designed to be worn directly over your cycling shoes to protect against windchill and road spray across a range of seasonal conditions. Made with tough abrasion-resistant Cordura yarn, our form-fitting oversocks provide great insulation while keeping unwanted dirt and mud off of your shoes. The extended cuff provides an increased level of warmth and comfort while the fully dyed fabric has exceptional colour fastness. A durable seasonal favourite, that resistant to fading after continued use and frequent washing. NOTE: NVPA®/Oversocks are specifically designed to be worn with all road shoe cleats. This is product is not designed to be used off-road or on gravel. There is no warranty available on this product.


  • Hardwearing and durable
  • High-stretch material
  • Highly breathable
  • Pre-cut, toughened cleat holes
  • 55% Cordura® nylon
  • NVPA® and Workwear™ branding